Derek Helwig Web Design

Desktop websites are viewed by millions of people every day. While you may or may not be targeting all of those users with your site, there are several things that all users need. Regardless of your audience, all users want a site to have valuable content and for it to be easily accessible. While this is the foundation any site, aesthetics also play a vital role the success of a site.


Content is the single most important thing you can have on your site. Why do people want to come to your site? Are you providing a service, information, or products to buy? Is what you're providing engaging? How are you differentiating yourself from your competitors?


While content is very important, its useless if the user doesn't know how to access the content. A good user interface will be intuitive enough for any user to figure how consume your content in seconds.


Users form opinions about your organization based on the aesthetics of your site. Perceptions of your organization's credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness are just some of the things impacted by the design of your site. These perceptions can influence whether or not the user wants to purchase from you, contact you, or simply continue to use the site. My award winning design skills will help you deliver your content in a way that is both usable and beautiful.

Portfolio Sample

Client: CJ Strawn - RE/MAX Realtor

CJ Strawn Screenshot