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Many experts predict that we will see mobile internet traffic overtake desktop web traffic within the next few years. Be prepared!

Reasons to Go Mobile

  • Mobile users are local, they want to buy from you.
  • Mobile users can buy from you immediately.
  • Mobile users want results quickly, don't make them work.
  • The number of mobile users are growing rapidly.
  • Mobile websites are no more costly than desktop sites.
Picture of mobile devices Picture of mobile devices

Mobile Sites Are Cheaper

There is a growing trend for businesses to build native application for iOS, Android, and even Blackberry devices. While native apps have their place, I do not believe that all business should have them. They are traditionally more expensive to develop as the number of developers with the skills are not as readily available. Most people will argue that native apps are easier to use than a mobile website. I ask why. If designed well mobile websites are just as easy to use as most native applications and save a ton of money in development costs.