Derek Helwig Web Design

Optimizing your site to work well with social media involves allowing your content to be shared in a way that will entice others to share, promotes user created content, and allows others to follow your organization, not just consume your content.

Don't Abuse Social Media

It's easy to put a social media link on your pages and provide some updates about events your organization is hosting, but there are things you should be aware of when utilizing social media as a marketing tool. If you just jump in without thinking about the consequences, you can actually impact your organization negatively.

The social media consulting services I provide include analyzing your site and the processes your organization has in place for social media and then creating a detailed plan on how these things can be improved. You will be surprised on how making slight adjustments to your strategy will yield large results.

Why Use Social Media

Word of mouth has always been the best way to build up a business' reputation. The surge of social media has allowed consumers to spread their experience and perceptions of your organization in a very convenient, very viral fashion. If used appropriately social media can not only grow your customer base, but it can also give past customers a reason to return.